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EK Bike Repair - About us

Hi Folks,

I’m Sandy Donald Owner of East Kilbride Bicycle Repair and Services and I live in East Kilbride near Glasgow.

I’d like to welcome you to our website site and tell you a little about myself and the values upon which East Kilbride bicycle repair was founded.

Bike Repair WorkshopI have been cycling for more than 40 years, I can’t believe it myself. Looking back there can’t be many regions within the British Isles where I haven’t lost some sweat.

Over the years I have been meticulously passionate, my wife would say obsessive about maintaining my own bikes.

I became so fascinated in repairing bikes that I started repairing family and friends bicycles just to further my knowledge of the "trade". This enthusiasm led to a desire to also further my studies in England where I gained a City & Guilds qualification in Bicycle Mechanics.

Cycling locally I have had many a conversation with other cycling enthusiasts, whether on the road, trails or even with my kids at Strathclyde park.

One of the most frequent topics is bicycle repair either regarding waiting times or simply advice. It appears to be a widely held opinion that the larger retailers, whilst dealing with mass volume can somewhat lose that personal touch. Our aim at EK Bike Repair is to rebuild that friendly experience for every cyclist, whether to service, repair or just to give advice.

When I was a kid I was friendly with a local Roadie from Rutherglen called Bobby Brodie he was a very infectious character giving me encouragement and always on hand to give advice on anything to do with cycling. Bobby is 90 years old now and has just sent his frame away for a re-spray, not bad going eh? (For those interested Bobby’s frameset is a Brian Rourke.)

Perhaps your bike has been stuck in the shed for years or you are just unsure, let me dig it out for you and get you cycling again. In fact you don’t even need to be a customer, if you just want to go for a cycle just give me a call.

My own background began as a weapons technician in the Forces back in 79, before joining Strathclyde Fire & Rescue in 85, where I served for 22 years as an operational fire-fighter.

From 2006 I have been Servicing and Repairing bicycles from my own workshop.

Kind Regards & Safe Cycling.


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