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Cost of Bike Repair and Servicing


(All prices free of VAT and work is fully guaranteed with a 1 year guarantee on all parts)

Parts for Bicycle RepairIn our experience proving most popular is our Peace of Mind Safety Check, very similar to a car's MOT in that any work required is charged as per the repair menu price list. This means you only pay for the work done and you will know the cost up front. Servicing is provided by our Tune-up service, Further in-depth servicing programmes are available as required

Standalone Bicycle Repair & Upgrades Prices and Menu

Please note that there is a Minimum Service charge of £15 unless an alternative price is stated. ALL charges exclude the cost of any parts that may be required. Additional charges may be made if components have seized or the bike is dirty but there is no need to worry about this as we also offer a full valet service.

Small Jobs can be completed on site, where this is not possible we shall transport your bicycle to our workshop and return it to you on completion. This Saves you time and inconvenience. (There may be an additional charge based on geographical location.)

Peace of Mind Bike Safety Check

  • You want to feel confident that your bicycle is safe and of course its reassuring to know that your kids bikes are at this standard.
  • We will assess the overall roadworthiness of your bike from top to bottom checking for any safety issues & signs of wear.
  • Special attention will be given to the frame, forks, brakes, steering, cables, gears, wheels & hubs, tyres, drive train & bottom bracket (the main axle)
  • Hopefully your bike will be in a good state of health but if not we will let you know of any problems that arise & give advice as to work that is required to make it safe
  • The safety check is set at the minimum service charge of £15


Wheels & Tyres

  • Puncture repairs (Inc. prams) £6 (if not part of another service a minimum charge applies)
  • Fit new tyre £6
  • Hub service, strip, clean, grease & adjust (replace Bearings where nes.) from £15
  • Wheel truing (subject to wheel condition) From £15


Other Items

  • Chain & cassette installation , including gear indexing £25
  • Chainset fit or replacement £25
  • Free wheel/cassette Replacement £Min service charge
  • Chain replacement: £Min Service Charge
  • Fork installation from £35
  • Headset service- strip, clean, grease & adjust (replace bearings when necessary) £25
  • Eliminate play on good condition headset £Min service charge
  • Fit new headset and facing head tube from £25


  • Internet purchased bike build & safety check £35
  • Full valet, wash dried & re-lubricated from £15
  • Complete bicycle build from £70

There are to many bicycle repair and servicing options to mention, however anything not listed feel free to call for advice, from a puncture, a computer installation to a complete Bespoke Bicycle Build.

Bicycle Tune-up Service

It’s a good idea to get this service done every 3-6 months depending on use. It includes the full safety check as above plus the following ...

  • Check and adjust gears, brakes, tyres & steering aligned
  • Lubricate your drive system & all external moving components.
  • Ensure all nuts & bolts to correctly fastened
  • And hopefully your good to go - £35


Brake Service (both)

  • Replace inner cables, pivot points lubricated and pads renewed as required (parts extra) £22
  • Strip and renew inner cables & outer housing £25
  • Hydraulic disc brake service (per brake)
    Brake cleaned & inspected
    Fluid replaced
    Full system bleed
    Pads inspected renewed as required (pads extra) £35
  • As above plus full calipers service (parts extra) £40
  • New brake hose from £15


Gear Service (both)

  • Replace inner cables, reset indexing, lubricate all pivot points £22
  • Strip and renew inner cables & outer housing £25
  • Front derailleur installation £20
  • Rear derailleur installation £20
  • Bottom bracket installation (plus parts) £25
  • Recutting BB threads £8


Bicycle Suspension Repair

  • Fox Shox float service (plus cost of seal kit) £35
  • Replace Du bearings & new reducers (plus parts) £35
  • Fox forks lower leg service £35
  • Rockshox forks lower leg service £35 (plus if required new wiper seal kit & crush washers)

Any further suspension requirements shall be sent to either MOJO or TF TUNED suspension technicians. Call for details >


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